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A Fine Spring Day!

April 12, 2014

Spring is kicking into gear here in the high country. The grass is greening, flowers are starting to bloom, the spring runoff is slowly coming off of the mountains, and the wildlife is getting more active as the promise of summer gets more real by the day! It’s a cool, cloudy day though, as we are getting ready for another spring snow storm. We’re looking to get about a foot of snow between now and tomorrow night. It’s just part of the deal here in the high country during this time of year.

As Steve was doing some spring projects, our little family of mule deer came down for a visit. Mama, Baby, Shadow, and crew stopped by to drink from the pond and to much on some fresh grass. They are a blast to have around. So sweet and curious. We spent about 20 minutes talking to them and taking some pictures before they moved on along the mountainside.

We had a few chippies stop by for pictures and I managed to snap some shots of a few of the bulbs that are blooming! We love this time of year! This winter has been a long one and we’re ready for warm mountain days, endless ribbons of single track in the National Park, and simply spending as much time outside as possible! Fire up the grills, wear out a few pair of hiking shoes, watch all the wildlife, and simply enjoy what the summer offers here in Estes Park.

Enjoy this little set of pics! Happy Spring!












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