McGregor Mountain Lodge is in the center of a runners paradise! Stunning roads wind through our high valleys and world class trail running is only steps out you cabin door! We often get asked where some good runs are from here at the lodge and in the immediate area. We hope this page will give a little insight into some options for you either from your cabin or a short drive away. Happy Trails!


From Your Cabin Door


Fish Hatchery Loop

This is a great little loop that takes about 20 minutes for your average runner. You can take a right or a left from the lodge to complete the loop in either direction.  Click on the Strava window below for more info on this run.*


Aspen Glen Loop

This is the quickest way to get on some trails here at McGregor, at least on foot. You have to run approx. .85 mile on HWY 34 to get the the trail just before the entrance to the National Park. Click here for more detailed info about this run: Aspen Glen Loop*


Long Deer Mountain Loop

Many of you ask for some longer options without running on roads. Well, you do have to do about 1.65 miles of road, total, but this is a fantastic ‘longer’ loop from the lodge that takes you all the way around and to the summit of Deer Mountain with some truly stunning views along the way! Click on the Strava window below for more info on this run.*


* Notes:

  • You do need a National Park Pass to be on trails within the National Park.
  • On any run leaving and/or ending at McGregor Mountain Lodge, you will have to run some distance (+/- 1 mile usually, but sometimes more) along HWY 34, aka Fall River Road. Use extreme caution as you run along this highway.
  • There are inherent dangers while running or trail running in the mountains. Please know the risks and take appropriate precautions.
  • On trail runs, it is very smart to not run alone. Try to run with someone else and always let others know where you are going. You can email us at with details of where you’re going and when you intend to return, if you have no one else to tell.
  • Trail conditions constantly change (weather, downed trees, washed out trails, etc). Use our maps only as a reference and know you may have to retrace your steps if a trail is too dangerous to pass or impassable for any other reason.