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April – A Time for Bighorn

April 9, 2013


Being located in an ideal habitat, McGregor Mountain Lodge is one of the best spots in the area to see bighorn sheep. Every year we get many people who come up for the sole purpose to get a glimpse of these magnificent animals. The sheep are unpredictable, keep to themselves, and don’t spend much time near populated areas like the elk and mule deer do so they are often difficult to find. These south facing slopes in the west end of the Fall River Valley along the flanks of McGregor and Bighorn Mountains are the ideal spot to find the sheep in the winter and spring months. ¬†For your best shot at seeing them, just hang out in your cabin or on the property here… they’ll eventually show up!

sheep-2It never fails. We will have a couple or a family, or even a photography group, come to stay here in hopes of seeing the sheep. They spend the morning looking up at the mountainside with no luck. They then head out in pursuit of finding them only to come back mid to late afternoon to hear us at the lodge tell them how the sheep had come down in their absence and spent a good hour grazing in fron of their cabin!

While unpredictable, the best time to see these animals, in my experience anyway, is right around lunch time… anywhere from 11:00am to 1:00pm. The chances get less likely on either side of that at our location. Now I’ve seen them in other place (above Timber Lake, Flattop Mountain, Sky Pond, etc…) at a variety of different times from early morning to after dark. But as far as any identifiable pattern for our location, here on the southern fringe of the Mummy Range, lunchtime seems to be the best time to see them.


So come on up this month! The Spring is a fantastic time to see the sheep. Not quite as exciting at their November/December rutting season, but you are a bit more likely to actually spot them this time of year. As the grass starts greening they come down to get their fill. Then they give birth and you get to see the little lambs around and that is a site to see!

Hope to see you soon!


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