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Bald Eagle at Lake Estes

August 4, 2013

A great option for a stroll in and around town is the Lake Estes Bike Path. It’s about 3.75 miles if you walk all the way around the lake with great views in all directions and often boasts wonderful bird and wildlife viewing opportunities. I was walking around today with the family and we noticed a bald eagle up in an old dead pine tree on the east side of the lake. As we got closer we saw that it had a fish in its talons and was busy having an afternoon meal. We watched it for about 10 minutes from fairly close. We simply stood and enjoyed seeing this awesome site when out of nowhere a red tailed hawk dive bombed the bald eagle knocking it, and the fish, off of the tree. Both raptors went tumbling into the air before soaring off in opposite directions. It was amazing! I got a few pics of the eagle eating, but didn’t get any of the crazy dive bombing! Enjoy the pics!


Eating its trout!

Eating its trout!


Looking out over Lake Estes

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