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Brat on a sub zero morning!

February 5, 2014

When I got out of bed this morning the sun was lighting the peaks along the divide with a gentle red glow and the thermometer was reading -20F (-29C). I had brought the plow truck home last night to knock the fresh snow off the driveway, so went out really quick to fire it up and give it a chance to get warm before plowing and making the trip to the lodge. It struggled to turn over, but started up just fine, considering. But by the time I was on the way back in my nose was frozen and hands were getting cold! We get cold temps here in the mountains, but 20 below is certainly not the norm… so it’s always kind of fun to experience.

As I pulled into the lodge I noticed Brat right away. He was lounging in front of our Columbine Cottage #3 chewing some cud. His whiskers were covered in frost along with his legs and back! He even had a little frosty mohawk in between his antlers. After I was done plowing, I grabbed the camera and snapped a few pics!

It’s a beautiful day in the high country! We wish you were here to experience it with us!



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