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First Snow of 2012

October 25, 2012


We have been anticipating our first real snow for a while now. Usually it happens in September or October, so we’re ready for it a bit earlier than most of the country. This latest weather system has been on the radar now for a week as a super cold air mass moved down from the arctic. It arrived yesterday and started snowing lightly at about  4:00 picking up at it got dark. It was so pretty as the first big flakes of the season fell gently from the sky. We had a nice fire going here in the lobby and settled in for a chilly night in the mountains.

The morning broke with low clouds and light snow falling more like a thick mist. The roads were a bit icy, but not too bad, and as the clouds started to break, with the rising sun, some of the mountain tops (like Deer Mountain) were revealed and added a bit of drama to this stunning morning. I walked the property for a few minutes and took some snap shots of the scenery to share with all of you. I hope you enjoy!


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