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December 5, 2011

Brat laying in the sun on a chilly December day.

One storm after another. It’s been a snowy week here at McGregor and the temperature dropped to minus 10 this morning! Made for some cold shoveling! As I mentioned in the last post, it is a true winter wonderland here at the lodge. The snow capped peaks surrounding us, the fires roaring in the fireplaces, the Christmas Lights shining brightly, and the wildlife lounging around the property. Yesterday, we had kids sledding down our hill, and guests kept their cups full of our famous spiced cider. I you haven’t figured it out yet, this is one of the absolute best times to visit us here at McGregor Mountain Lodge or Estes Park in general!

I went out for a walk last night as the snow was really coming down. It was so peaceful to hear the stillness resound in the valley as I could hear the flakes land on one another. Hear a pin drop? I could hear the snowflakes drop! It was that still and quiet… remarkable! I just soaked it in as I walked. This morning greeted us with that brilliant Colorado sunshine and bright blue skies. Brat and Lefty were around and hit the bird feeders before finding a cozy spot to nap. It’s always good to have them around. At 7 am the mercury left us in a 10 degree deficit, but by noon it was up to 16 and sunny before another cloud bank rolled in for a few hours, bringing the temps back down a bit. Now, as the sun is setting, the skies are clearing once again, which should make for another cold night – looks like the low should be about minus 2 F. I wish we could let Lefty and Brat into the lobby for these cold nights!

Here are a few pics from the last 24 hours… enjoy!


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