Nature Safari

Guided Nature and Safari Tours

Book your Rocky Mt. adventure with your personal guide, Jared at Yellow Wood Guiding.  Jared will customize each and every trip to make sure you are getting to see exactly what you want.  You can arrange ½ and full day trips throughout the year!  Winter is a great time to see the Big Horn Sheep, the massive Bull Elk and an array of other up close and personal wildlife such as coyotes, foxes, mule deer and the occasional black bear or mountain lion.  Let Jared help familiarize you with the area if you are first time visitors, or see things through fresh eyes if you’ve been here time and again.  His tours are always full of local information and recommendations and he’ll get you started on the right foot in enjoying Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park and all the wonderful attributes this area offers.

Tours can be custom fit for you. Hiking, photography, wildlife watching, nature tours, etc… Let Jared be your guide!

Email Jared at or give him a call at 303.775.5484

Mention “McGregor Mountain Lodge” when booking your tour!