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Spring’s Renewal

May 3, 2012

It’s such a joy to witness life spring from the earth every year here in the Rockies. It’s a very gradual thing and we’ve been seeing signs of it for the past six weeks, but then it’s like a switch is flipped. Granted, it has been switched a tad bit early this year due to unseasonably warm weather, but all of a sudden life is springing forth from every direction you look. Grass begins to green, pasque flowers begin to bloom, bulbs begin to emerge from the ground, and the birds and wildlife live with a freshness in their step! It’s a great time to explore the trails in the area as well. The big thaw is underway and the trails open up and lead to new and refreshed surprises at just about every turn. It’s like running into an old friend.

I spent the past week getting small clips of some happenings around the lodge as we move toward summer. It was so fun to just be still and spend time watching the critters around the property. I’d set up the camera and just wait for something to happen in front of it… sometimes I’d wait a minute or so, and sometimes it would be a bit longer before anyone would venture into the scene. It may be a good plan for your next trip here. Just stop, sit, watch, enjoy, and refresh your our heart with all this special corner of the Rockies has to give you. It’s a great reminder that we too need renewal more often than we think!



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