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Turkeys and Autumn Thoughts

October 11, 2012

The nights are getting cooler and we’re already had a morning in the mid/low teens. No real snow to speak of yet with only a dusting of about an inch last week. But the seasons are changing and these crisp mountain mornings are sure invigorating! The wildlife is very active with Elk Jams along the roads in town and Elk, Mule Deer, Turkeys, and many other critters making daily appearances at the lodge. The leaves are a bit past peak now but still beautiful around town, and everyone is getting ready for all of the winter activities in the mountains around Estes Park! Snowshoeing, mountaineering, ice climbing, skiing, all the good stuff…

I was walking around the property this morning and the Turkeys were down again. They have become regular visitors to the property and are a guest favorite! They let me get fairly close and I got some great shots as they scratched around beneath the bird feeder beside the Chalet Building. Another beautiful morning here at McGregor!


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