Keeping You safe in this new era

As of April 27, 2020 we can begin accepting guests! Read below for more details.

Colorado, Estes Park, and McGregor Mountain Lodge are open and ready to welcome you back!

Summer is in full swing! As of now, we are welcoming guests back to McGregor and will be taking every precaution to ensure that you, our staff, and our community stay safe. You can see our excessively thorough cleaning measures below. We have outlined below how the National Park, and businesses around town will be operating during the restart of Estes Park.

Current Hours: Everyday from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm (Normal Hours)

Extra Cleaning Measures

Our Housekeeping Staff will be thoroughly sanitizing everything a guest could potentially touch. This includes, but is not limited to, all light/fan switches and switch plates, all electrical outlets, all interior and exterior door knobs or handles, all lamp switches and pull strings, all cabinet/dresser/nightstand/and the like handles and or pull knobs, interior and exterior handrails, all alarm clocks, all kitchen knobs and handles, coffee makers and toasters, TV and BluRay remotes, trash cans, etc. Basically, if you ask if we will be sanitizing a certain item or surface, the answer will always be yes. And this will be done upon the departure of each guest and prior to the arrival of each guest. So everything will be sanitized twice in between guests.

Our Front Desk Staff will thoroughly sanitize the lobby space after any guest has entered. They will sanitize in the same way as the housekeepers and keep all surfaces, door knobs, etc. completely sanitized and safe.

All staff will be required to wear masks anytime there is potential contact with guests.

Serving Guests

Our daily protocol for bringing you supplies will need to change for a bit as well. We will not allow our staff to enter a cabin that is occupied, whether the guest is present or not. Supplies will be done between the hours of 10:00 and 2:00 as follows. Guests needing supplies will leave trash bags and dirty towels on their doorstep. When we see this discarded supplies, we will replace with fresh towels, and new trash bags, which will be left on the porch as well. If you need anything else (shampoo, etc.), please leave a note or call the front desk. Please do not leave anything out after 2:00, as we must continue to be Bear Aware!

We understand that we are not able to serve you at our full desire or capacity, but we are going to serve you to the very best of our abilities through this.

A Re-opening Estes Park

Estes Park is basically back to “normal” with a statewide indoor mask mandate. Restaurants and bars are all engaged in social distancing measures but most are open and otherwise back to normal. Downtown shops are open and the river walk is a great place to take a stroll and do a little shopping. For the most part, folks are masking up and doing their best to keep themselves and others safe.

Rocky Mountain National Park is open and you will need to make a reservation at the following link. You can also purchase your day or annual pass as well. Rocky Mountain National Park Reservations. If you enter before 6:00am or after 5:00pm you will not need reservations. If you want to enter within those times, you can make reservations in 2 hour increments at the link above.

Most restaurants are opened back up in an ‘as close to normal’ capacity as possible. There are still social distancing measures in place, but if you’re willing to eat out, our local restaurants will be happy to serve you!

Shops are open! Just bring your mask!

Rocky Mountain National Park is open and you will need to make a reservation at the following link. You can also purchase your day or annual pass as well. Rocky Mountain National Park Reservations. This may be the best year to visit RMNP in the foreseeable future. With the reservation system, and the fact that the pandemic is still going on, the crowds are far less than during past years.

There are other places that offer wonderful hiking in the area. Physical distancing will need to remain in effect, but it will be possible to stretch your legs and breath deep in our pristine mountain air. 

If it is possible, please do your grocery shopping in your hometown and bring your groceries with you. While the town is opening back up, many local residents are still fearful of tourists crowding our local supermarket. If you do need to venture into Safeway, please follow all social distancing protocols in place. Wear a mask, follow the one way signs when going down isles, and maintain six feet of space from other shoppers. Note that Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 7:00am to 9:00am are for locals who are elderly or at an otherwise high health risk. Please respect this time set aside for our local population.

We have greatly missed our calling in providing a special place to offer you restoration and rejuvenation, in whatever that looks like for you whether it’s putting your feet up all day and soaking in the views, or spending hours and hours deep in the back country on a trail pushing your physical limits, or anything in between. 

We are welcoming you back with metaphorical open arms and can not wait to reconnect with our extended lodge family! Please let us know if you have any questions and we’ll see you soon!

Be sure to follow us on social media and we’ll keep you connected to our stunning and special corner of the Rockies. Keep a smile on your face and know we stand with you through this and we’re confident we’ll come out all the stronger for it.